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Are you playing the "brain drain" game and losing?

Over time, if an organization does not take in more money than it spends, it will go out of "business." And all "reasons" for being in business will be lost. This applies to all businesses and organizations (even governments and non-profits).

General Motors is not in the business of making automobiles. General Motors is in the business of making money."

Alfred P. Sloan
President and Chairman of General Motors

Discover how much unnecessary workforce turnover (direct) expenses cost your organization each year.

Poor workforce morale negatively affects your "bottom line" in three ways. Learn more.


In today's economic environment,
organizations are striving to do more with less. Rather than considering an employee layoff, what if you could...

Find the 'hidden treasure' that exists in all companies/organizations.


Find the "hidden treasure" that exists in all companies/organizations. This treasure is often disguised as waste: wasted time, wasted talent, wasted materials and more. The key to finding (and eliminating) this waste lies within the employee engagement process.

Best of All! Finding and eliminating hidden waste helps salvage your most important asset... the employees themselves. So that you are poised to thrive as others fail or merely survive!

Improved employee engagement helps drive business results!

When employees are highly engaged, their companies/organizations:
  • enjoy 26% higher employee productivity
  • enjoy lower employee turnover
  • are more likely to attract top talent
  • earn(ed) 13% greater total returns to shareholders over the last 5 years
Highly engaged employees:
  • are twice as likely to be top performers
  • miss 20% fewer days of work
  • (3/4 of them) exceed or far exceed expectations in performance reviews
  • tend to be more supportive of organizational change initiatives and resilient in the face of change
According to the 2008/2009 WorkUSA Report conducted by Watson Wyatt from more than 13,000 full-time US workers.
What is the 'temperature' of your workforce?
Warm (Loyal) the majority of your workforce is relatively satisfied with their current employment situation. They are loyal to your organization but are not advocates. Under the "right circumstances" they might change employers. They may or may not speak highly of your organization to customers and potential customers.


Want your staff to help you discover your "hidden treasures?"

Start by discovering what's important to them.


  • Award-winning Questions
    You choose from a list of proven questions to meet your needs.
  • Demographics
    You decide the labels that
    best fit your company or organization.
  • Traditional or Contemporary
    You choose which response type is most appropriate for your workforce.
  • Opening &
    Closing Dates

    You select when your survey starts and ends.
  • Internal Comparison
    You decide if you wish your raw data to be retained for period-to-period comparison.
  • Action Planning Assistance
    Only our customers have access to our exclusive action planning follow-up tools.
Surveys cost money.

Unless you have money sitting around to burn, why craft survey questions that simply lead people to the answer you want to hear?

What about those questions that give you useless data?

WOW - all of that wasted money and energy getting answers you either already know or that won't open eyes to the opportunities to improve your organization or give you anything to act upon...

Remember, just because data exists doesn't make it useful.

Why not use the same questions that award-winning organizations have paid thousands of dollars to have written, the same questions they use over and over again. We have a proven list of questions obtained from these organizations.

We can help you know what to ask, how to ask it and what to do with the results.



"I want to write my own workforce survey, is that a good idea?"

We don't recommend writing your own workforce survey for several reasons:

Find out why »