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The Nega-virus in the Marketplace?

by Dr. Mario Denton


Have you ever thought about assessing the Nega-virus in your organization? Nega-viruses permeate organizations daily and can cause lowered morale, disillusionment and poor productivity. The combination of these variables will eventually destroy an organization's ability to survive in a highly competitive environment. Unfortunately, organizations too easily allow these viruses to fluctuate.

Organizations need to measure their frustration with management, the personal regard between management and staff, the feelings about future prospects, the organizational vision, the negativity of co-workers, the consistency of management, flexibility in the workplace, interpersonal relationships and encouragement, their recognition and reward systems as well as inspiration and rejection levels on a regular basis.

The three major causes of organizational negativity are:

If an organization is likened to a well, then optimism is the catalyst that keeps the water moving in order to avoid stagnation. To test the implementation progress, the water must be scooped out of the well with a bucket. It is what is in this bucket that counts.

Research has shown that the energy factor plays an important role in determining success through dynamic change. High-energy organizations tend to be more flexible, innovative and creative and have a greater sense of urgency, allowing them to make split-second decisions that affect their survival. They spend a great deal of energy ascertaining and meeting the customers' needs, they have self-managed teams and focus on external market variables, rather than on internal hierarchical needs such as subservience, control and rigid adherence to outdated management structures and techniques.


If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions, then you could be spreading the Nega-virus.

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About the author

Dr. Mario Denton

Dr. Mario Denton (South Africa)

Dr. Mario Denton is an international teacher, industrial psychologist, holds two counseling diplomas and two master's degrees, (MEcon and MBA). He completed his PhD as well as DBA in Organizational Behavior and Business Administration. Dr. Denton's website is

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