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Are You Making the Most Use of Your Workforce Knowledge?

by Ms Gretchen Minchew


Management is often buffered from the truth of the trenches and we often make decisions based on what we think we know. We set direction and tactics using information gotten from our inner circle or we sometimes hear one voice and believe it speaks for the many.

A company's success depends increasingly on the knowledge, skills and motivation of its work force. Employee success depends increasingly on having opportunities to learn and to practice new skills. Companies need to invest in the development of their work force through education, training and opportunities for continued growth.

Most companies, regardless of size, have many opportunities to contribute to employee development, well-being and motivation. Addressing these challenges requires use of employee-related data on knowledge, skills, satisfaction, motivation, safety, and well-being.

How do you take the pulse of your employee body? How do you seek employee input? How do you use that information to build solutions that solve the real problems of your organization?

Start by taking the Samenmais self-assessment of your current practices and then determine the best solutions for your company.

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About the author

Ms Gretchen Minchew

Ms Gretchen Minchew (USA)

Ms Minchew holds a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Her professional certifications include Software Development Life Cycle Management, Quality Analyst (CQA) and Project Management Professional. Her professional career includes over 30 years of management and supervision with well-known companies such as AT&T, Bell Laboratories (BELLCORE), Verizon and Information Retrieval Methods. Ms Minchew is the managing partner of the Minford Group.


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