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Articles by Mr. Kurt Mentzel

Mr. Kurt Mentzel

Mr. Kurt Mentzel


Kurt Mentzel earned a Bachelor of Arts in Science (Pre-Med) degree at Austin College and is both an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer. His experience includes 26 years with Johnson & Johnson where he served in a variety of roles in manufacturing, quality assurance and executive leadership as company Quality Systems Manager. Mr. Mentzel is Vice President of the Hogan Center for Performance Excellence.


Articles by this author

Housekeeping and Safety Measures

by Mr. Kurt Mentzel

Did you know that the visible condition of your workplace is a mirror reflection of you and your commitment to your company or organization? If everything is dirty, cluttered or disorganized, it leaves the impression that you don't care. Such a work environment can contribute to waste, accidents and poor morale for the employees. The rewards for good housekeeping and safety are tremendous.

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