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Leadership 360 Assessment

With the increased focus on teamwork in today's highly competitive environment, it is helpful for performance appraisals to include feedback from a full circle of sources - supervisors/managers, peers and direct reports as well as a self assessment.

The Leadership 360 is based on nine leadership abilities that are demonstrated by effective leaders including alignment with organizational values.

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Workforce Engagement - What is the purpose of a Survey?

That is, why would a leader want to conduct a survey?

Surveys to get at the truth have been going on since Caesar asked, "Et tu, Brute?" We know that sometimes the truth hurts, but to really effect change you must know the true nature of the situation.

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Effective Meeting Practices

One of the most frequent complaints heard in business today is "too many meetings! I can't get my work done because we're always meeting about something and we accomplish nothing!" How effective are your organization's meetings?

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Workforce Empowerment

People experience feelings of ownership in empowered organizations. This ensures that they will do everything they possibly can to create success. Not only are their egos invested in the organization, but their abilities as well. In the end, the result is victory for the person and the organization. Where is your organization today? Does the following assessment reveal some weaknesses in your organization?

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Workforce Turnover

Employee turnover is inevitable and, while some employee turnover can be useful, losing good performers is not only a "brain drain" of your organization's human capital, it also carries with it direct and indirect costs associated with both the separation and replacement of the very employees you would rather retain. Determine how much unnecessary turnover is costing your organization each year.

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Team Interdependence

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Treasure Finder Survey

(Organizational Waste Reduction)

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