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Workforce Survey

The Workforce Survey is administered online. It is designed to provide actionable data relative to organization-wide employee perceptions and satisfaction. Each survey module contains six standard questions (benchmarked against award-winning companies/organizations) and up to six additional questions that you may select from a list.

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Leadership 360 Assessment

With the increased focus on teamwork in today's highly competitive environment, it is helpful for performance appraisals to include feedback from a full circle of sources - supervisors/managers, peers, and direct reports as well as a self assessment. The Leadership 360 is based on nine leadership abilities that are demonstrated by effective leaders including alignment with organizational values.

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Employee Benefits Survey

With the ever-changing environment of health insurance and other programs, it's more critical than ever for organizations to continuously review their health and other benefit programs to ensure they continue to satisfy the needs of their employees within the confines of the organization's budget.

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Satisfaction Scorecard

Regardless of the nature of the organization, we're all in "business" to meet the needs and desires of our customers. How can you be sure that you're meeting those needs and/or fulfilling the desires if you don't have a mechanism for them to tell you? But... many customers today don't have the time or desire to complete long, tedious surveys. The Satisfaction Scorecard is exactly what you've been looking for! It's quick, easy, informative and very affordable!

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