Effective Meeting Practices

One of the most frequent complaints heard in business today is "too many meetings! I can't get my work done because we're always meeting about something and we accomplish nothing!" How effective are your organization's meetings?

Select the response to the following questions that best represents your organization.


  1. Our meetings are regularly planned events (not just ad hoc).

  2. Those who attend our meetings always know the purpose of the meeting before they arrive.

  3. We meet only when other methods of information dissemination or decision making would be less effective.

  4. We have a plan to keep our meetings "on track" and for dealing with problems that arise during a meeting.

  5. We have an established way of following up on action items determined during a meeting.

  6. We keep our meetings "on track" and "on time" to minimize disruption from our employees regular duties.

  7. Our meetings always start on time, with everyone present and prepared.

  8. We evaluate our meeting effectiveness regularly to determine how we could improve.

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