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Satisfaction Scorecard™ - Satisfaction Scorecard

Regardless of the nature of the organization, we're all in "business" to meet the needs and desires of our customers. But, how can you be sure that you're meeting those needs and/or fulfilling their desires if you don't have a mechanism for them to tell you?

The Satisfaction Scorecard is specifically designed to meet this need. It:

  • Provides instant access to valuable feedback from your "customers"

  • Respects your "customer's" valuable time (quick, easy to understand and complete) - the entire process takes much less than 5 minutes

  • Is affordably priced - based on the number of responses you actually receive from your customers (no need to pay for responses you don't receive)

  • Is completely confidential should your customer desire confidentiality. Your customer has the option to provide their name and/or contact information if they desire to do so

  • Is maintained on our servers (no software to download and maintain)

Opening your Scorecard to your customers

Immediately upon set up you may begin instantly receiving information from your customers by supplying them with the provided link. Simply copy and paste the link into any email correspondence or directly on to your website for easy access by your customers. You completely control how, when and who has access to the link.

Accessing Your Data

You may access your data at any time (24/7). Reports are generated and downloaded in a spreadsheet format (that may be opened in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs). You may select from the following options for report sorting:

Single Parameter:
  • All data available to date

  • All data available within a specific date range

  • All data with specific grades or rating level (for example ... "show me all data with a grade or rating level of X or less.")

  • All data within a specific demographic identity label (e.g. student, citizen - you define these when ordering your scorecards).

Multiple Parameters:
  • Data with specific date ranges that have a grade or rating level of X or less.

  • Data with specific date ranges from specific demographic identity labels.

  • Data with specific date ranges from specific demographic identity labels that have a grade or rating level of X or less.

Set-up Fee

Set-up Fee

A set-up fee of $29 (only $10 for members) per satisfaction scorecard allows you to set up your own scorecard including your logo (optional), organization name, address, contact information, name of your scorecard, and the demographic identity labels you wish to use, if any. Fifty (50) response tokens are provided with each scorecard ordered. You may purchase additional response tokens for larger scorecards.

Additional Tokens

Each time a customer accesses your scorecard to provide you with feedback; your account will be "charged" a token. At the end of each month, you will receive a notice indicating the token balance in your account.


Additionally, you will receive an email when your number of tokens falls to a level of 20% of your last order. For example, you purchase 50 tokens with your initial set-up of the scorecard. When your available token level falls to 10 (20% of 50) you will receive a notice from us. Based on your immediate plans for customer surveys, you may then choose how many additional tokens to purchase.

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