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Workforce Survey™ - Workforce Survey


The Workforce Survey is administered online. It is designed to provide you actionable data relative to company-wide employee perceptions and satisfaction. Each survey module contains six standard questions and up to six additional questions that you may select from a list.

Survey ModuleGeneral Intent
Workplace MoraleAre your employees positive and engaged?
Do they plan to stay with the company?
Communication & RecognitionHow is information shared?
How is good work acknowledged?
Compensation & BenefitsHow fair is compensation?
How adequate are the benefits?
Job SatisfactionIs the work meaningful?
Is there a fair balance of work?
Organization / Company SatisfactionHow connected are employees to the mission of the company?
What kind of a place is this to work?
Education & TrainingWhat training is available?
Are there opportunities for growth and development?
Quality & TeamworkDo we deliver quality products and services?
Do we work as a team to get the job done?
Work Environment & SafetyHow functional is the work area?
How safe and secure is the work area?
Management / LeadershipIs management doing a good job?
Do they provide feedback for improvement?
Leading by ExampleHow "healthy" are the management/employee relationships in your organization?
How do your employees view the management team?
Communicating Ethical StandardsHow well do your employees understand their ethical duties?
Do your leaders teach, train and discipline employees in accordance with the ethical standards of your organization?
Hiring & Promoting PracticesDoes your organization have a clear process for evaluating employee performance?
Do your employees recommend your organization as a good place to work?
Teamwork & Team BuildingDo your managers help employees feel like part of the team by regularly reporting business status and new developments?
Do your employees feel that their jobs make good use of their skills and abilities?



How it works

After you have completed the steps to design and purchase your survey, we will email you a link for you to share with your employees. Using that link, your employees will access and complete the survey.

On the agreed upon date, we will close your survey and send you the link to access your results report which includes an Executive Summary, Internal Favorable/Unfavorable Report, Unedited Comments Report, and suggested Action Planning Options.

You may purchase a single survey module (or any combination of survey modules you choose.)

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Samples - Survey and Reports

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Workforce Survey SampleExecutive Summary ReportOverall Results Report
Workforce SurveyExecutive Summary ReportOverall Results Report
Overall Demographic Results ReportUnedited Comments Report 
Overall Demographic Results ReportUnedited Comments Report