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Workforce Survey - Follow-up Action Plan

Congratulations! You've completed your Workforce Survey and have valuable information in your hands! What will you do with all this data? How will you decide what to do and how to proceed?™ - Workforce Survey Follow-up Action Planning Tool


Many organizations go though the task of collecting information from their employees and then are overwhelmed by what they receive. As a result, they are struck with "analysis paralysis" - not being able to decide the next step in the process. Often this lack of action results in unhappiness and dissatisfaction on the part of the employees. Employees think (and often say)... "Well, that was a waste of time!" or "I knew they wouldn't do anything with the survey!"

Let us help! Our incredibly informative and easy to use Workforce Survey - Follow-up Action Plan tool can help get your organization to the next level.

The purpose of this tool is to assist your leadership team in the process of preparing an action plan based on the results obtained in your Workforce Survey.


How it works:


Purchase at least two (2) Workforce Survey modules along with an annual membership.

Price & Order Your Survey


Complete the Workforce Survey process, receive reports from


Purchase the Workforce Survey - Follow-up Action Plan.

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Distribute the link for the Employee Exercise to your staff to complete as they did the Workforce Survey (the follow-up survey exercise requires only about 5 minutes to complete). This exercise asks your employees to consider the areas of greatest concern or dissatisfaction as revealed in your workforce survey. The employees are asked (individually) to rank these responses based on the order of importance (priority) to them.

The system will tabulate the individual responses and prepare a collective response ranking.


Leadership will simultaneously consider the same areas of greatest concern or dissatisfaction revealed in your workforce survey and will rank them according the organization's ability to make necessary changes or corrections based on available resources.


The system will combine the two sets of data (employee priority and organizational ability to adjust/correct) into one easy-to-read and understand report. The report also provides:

  • Additional unedited comments received from employees during this phase of the survey system
  • Suggestions for action obtained from award-winning organizations